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Media Training

Crafting Stories and Creating Impact



Maryland Realtors, a leading organization in the real estate industry, recognized the importance of equipping its Leadership Academy members with robust communication skills to build the foundation for future leaders within the organization. Understanding that effective communication is integral to leadership development, Maryland Realtors organized a comprehensive Communications Workshop focused on media training and providing essential tools for effective communication.



The Communications Workshop was designed as an interactive and hands-on learning experience, incorporating a blend of theoretical concepts, practical exercises, and real-world examples. The workshop agenda included the following key components:

Key Components of the Workshop:

Brand Messaging:

  • Personal Brand Alignment: Tailoring personal communication styles to resonate with the audience, ensuring consistency and authenticity in every interaction.
  • Power of Storytelling: Harnessing the art of storytelling to convey values, mission, and unique identity, fostering deeper connections with stakeholders and audiences.

Tools and Resources:

  • Presentation Mastery: Equipping participants with the skills to deliver compelling presentations that captivate audiences, convey key messages effectively, and leave a lasting impact.
  • Digital Brand Impact Case Studies: Analyzing brand case studies that exemplify successful navigation and impact in the digital world. These cases highlight how brands strategically utilized digital platforms, innovative campaigns, and authentically engage to connect with their audience, increasing brand awareness, and driving meaningful results.

Media Training:

  • Managing the Message: Techniques for preparing and delivering effective media interviews, including message development, owning the interview, and staying on point.
  • Lights, Camera, Action: Simulated interview scenarios to provide participants with practical experience and actionable feedback, empowering them with the skills and confidence needed for future success.


  1. Enhanced Media Skills: Leadership Academy members developed a deeper understanding of media relations principles and gained confidence in engaging with journalists and media outlets.
  2. Consistent Brand Representation: Participants gained clarity on the Maryland Realtors brand messaging and demonstrated the ability to communicate key messages consistently across various communication channels.
  3. Increased Preparedness: Attendees acquired practical tools and techniques for effectively communicating in diverse settings, empowering them to navigate communication challenges with poise and professionalism.
  4. Strengthened Network: The workshop fostered collaboration and camaraderie among Leadership Academy members, creating a supportive environment for ongoing learning and skill development.